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Are your bank's ATMs and Kiosks properly protected?

If not, they might already be under attack without you knowing it. Now is the time to check out checker and find out just how quick and easy to protect your ATM and kiosk.

checker ATM security currently protects
more than

150,000 ATMs

WHY your ATM need checker ATM security?

1. Protect ATM from Malware

Every few months, reports on a new variant of ATM malware are published. Financial Institution reports more and more about losses, related to malware attacks. Checker ATM security whitelist feature completely prevent malware intrusion on ATM.

2. Protect ATM from Viruses

Exists a lot of ways how viruses can come to ATM : network, infected technical engineer USB storage, infected software installation. Using Checker, your ATM will 100% secure and you will no need to buy additional Antivirus SW.

3. Authorized ATM access only

Engineer or hacker can install malware or viruses or simply accidentally to crash a Operating System. Minimal losses will ATM reinstallation, biggest - stolen money and spolied reputation. Checker ATM security fully manage all process and will not allow to make any hidden system changes.

SPL’s ATM Security Checker is known to protect ATMs by encrypting the File System. What most ATM operators don’t realize is that with its enhanced encryption technology, ATM Checker also meets or exceeds EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements. All ATMs store data or electronic journals on the local hard disk drive. Electronic journals contains very sensitive information about the ATM user, including typical transactional data such as type of transaction, first and last name, amount withdrawn and the 4 last digits of each bank card. In addition, communication logs files are stored. These files contain additional information including video image file of ATM customers. All this information is considered confidential and is protected by and subject to GDPR requirements. The law, which went in effect in May of 2018 mandates that any financial institution anywhere in the world, that has an European citizen as its client or customer - say ATM user – has to be GDPR compliant. GDPR also requires all companies and banks to provide clients with full access to data about themselves upon the clients request. When found in violation of GDPR requirements, a bank or any ATM operator, can be fined up to 4% of their global revenue. Don’t wait and act now and protect your ATM network. All banks are affected by GDPR as privacy practices in the EU and the United States as well as other countries overlap.

Historical Data




0 USD losses


160.000 USD losses


400.000 USD losses


1.800.000 USD losses


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checker ATM security features

Checker preserves your ATM application software, libraries and operating system integrity, leveraging cryptographic signatures and Hard Disk Encryption designed specifically for ATMs.

Checker state-of-the-art technology:

  • effectively controls the execution of legitimate processes and prevents malware infection using thorough whitelisting protection combined with application level communications firewalling
  • supervises the usage of ATM peripherals such as keyboards, mouse, Graphical Operator Panels and USB drives to stop any possible attack
  • prevents data sniffing or manipulation by enabling VPN-based communication encryption and guarantees PCI-DSS compliance by preventing card data storage in the clear, among many other features

Centralized, comprehensive security administration and monitoring, ranging from operator alerts to management-level dashboard, is built on top of checker's best of breed cyber protection technology to ensure this amazing combination of security features can be properly, easily and securely managed in large, diverse multi-vendor ATM networks in complex organizations.

operational system protection ATMoperation system protection
devices protection ATMdevices protection
data protection ATMdata system protection
communication system protection ATM communications system protection
storage system protection ATMstorage system protection
process execution protection ATMprocess execution protection
Operation System Protection

Operation System Protection

Integrity protection on ATM

Integrity protection

Integrity validation of critical operating system processes and resources.

Any detected alteration will be reported.

resources use protection on ATM

resources use protection

Use of operating system resources (registry, libraries and drivers) is granted or denied on a process-by-process basis.

Non permitted use of resources will be blocked and reported.

Multi-version support on ATM

Multi-version support

Supports different versions, fix packs, service packs, ... of the operating system deployed in an ATM network.

Integrity validation supports different versions of the same (authorized) program or resource.

Devices Protection

Devices Protection

Plug & Play Hardware protection on ATM

Plug & Play Hardware protection

Detects the connection of new hardware and allows or denies mounting.

Unauthorized devices will be blocked and reported.

Device access control on ATM

Device access control

Use of connected hardware filtered on a process-by-process basis.

Non permitted use of connected hardware will be blocked and reported.

USB flash drives control on ATM

USB flash drives control

Reliable control of authorized USB drives for easy, yet secure maintenance. Supports content encryption and authentication of authorized USB drives.

Data Protection

Data Protection

File System protection on ATM

File System protection

Access to local files and directories is granted or denied on a process-by- process basis.

Illegal access to restricted data will be blocked and reported.

Integrity Protection on ATM

Integrity Protection

Integrity validation of sensitive data files.

Data illegally altered will be blocked and reported.

DLP capabilities for ATM on ATM

DLP capabilities for ATM

Detection of track2 data storage in the clear.

Writing data that follows a track2 pattern will be reported.

Communications Protection

Communications Protection

Firewall on ATM


Filtering of incoming and outgoing communications by protocol, port, address and local process provides high level firewalling functionality matching the process whitelist.

Non permitted communications will be blocked and reported.



Checker-managed IPSec tunneling enables encrypted communications between existing applications in ATMs and servers with no need to modify the applications.

Permitted communication will be transparently tunneled.

Storage Protection

Storage Protection

Full hard Disk Encryption on ATM

Full hard Disk Encryption

ATM hard disks encryption can be fully managed from the Checker console, including remote commands to encrypt or decrypt ATM disks. Key management is automatic and transparent to the user.

Zero Downtime on ATM

Zero Downtime

The encryption can be commanded from the server and the disk can undergo the encryption process while the ATM keeps operating, so there is no relevant downtime associated to the encryption of an ATM network.

Smart Environment detection on ATM

Smart Environment detection

Decryption is only possible for a specified ATM environment. ATM environment is defined as a configurable combination of identifiers associated to the ATM hard disk, the ATM hardware and the ATM network.

Process Execution protection

Process Execution protection

White Listing on ATM

White Listing

List of permitted and approved processes. Processes not included in this list will be blocked and reported.

Self-learning feature allows whitelist creation in a matter of minutes.

Integrity Protection on ATM

Integrity Protection

Integrity validation of whitelisted process and its resources.

Processes or resources illegally altered will be blocked and reported.

Resources use protection on ATM

Resources use protection

Use of local resources (files, directories, libraries and drivers) filtered by whitelisted process.

Non permitted uses of resources will be blocked and reported.

Java resources loading control on ATM

Java resources loading control

Detailed list of all resources loaded by the Java Virtual Machine (this feature is critical but not provided by most whitelisting solutions).

Loading of non permitted Java resources will be blocked and reported.

  • 1. checker ATM security has been developed by GMV Innovating Solutions.
  • 2. SPL Group is an official GMV partner for Checker ATM Security product.

Member of European ATM Security Team (EAST)

Member of European ATM Security Team (EAST)

Official partner of CashPhenix

Official partner of CashPhenix

Official partner of GMV

Official partner of GMV