SecureCash Main Functions

# SecureCash Function Supports
1Identifies cashiers by access code or fingerprint
2Counts and validates customer payments (bills and coins)
3Return of the exact change (bills and coins)
4Simplifies shift changes, reconciliation and cash-desk closings, using the automatic banknote straightener
5Provides local and remote accounting and operational status control to optimize cash availability
6Prevents internal fraud by limiting employee access to stored cash
7Potential theft from the safe is deterred by an alarm activation in the case of forcible opening or unauthorised re-location

SecureCash Coin recycler

# SecureCash FUNCTION Description
1Secure and removable coin deposit box (non-recyclables and hopper overflow)1,500-coin capacity
2Denominations acceptanceAll
3Bulk coin acceptance and validationup to 30 coins
4Coin validation speed3 coins per second
5Counterfeit Coins or Coins of Other CurrenciesRejects
6Number of recycle denominationsup to 8 options
7Number of dispensing denominationsup to 8 options
8Hoppers quantityup to 2
9Hoppers capacityup to 4 denominations/325-775 coins
10Loading processAutomated
11Unloading processAutomated – with coins being dispensed to output mouth
12Excess of recycled coinsStores in Coin Acceptance Cassette

SecureCash Banknote recycler

# SecureCash FUNCTION Description
1Type of banknote readerSingle-mouth banknote reader
2Denominations acceptanceAll
3Banknote presentation validationAny order / Any Banknote Side
4Speed of validation2 notes per second
5Counterfeit Banknotes or banknotes of other currenciesRejects
6Number of recycle denomination options3
7Storage TypeDrum
8Capacity of drum50 banknotes
9Dispense changeup to 3 denominations
10Non-recyclable denominations or excess of recycled banknotesRemovable reject bin (500 banknotes)


  • Height:418mm
  • Width:420mm
  • Depth:491mm
securecash front view
securecash side view

Optional Features

Employee identification and user interface

  • LCD of four lines with 20 characters each
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Quick authentication using local database and/or remote databases


  • 3mm steel safe
  • Mechanical and electronic key locks of various types available, according to customer needs