How to develop ATM and Bank Branch locator on the messenger: FAST and FREE of CHARGE?

Almost any bank today is offering the ATM (or branch locator). As a rule, it is the part of the Bank’s mobile bank application.

Only few banks know it is possible to have the locator on almost any messenger (Telegram, FB Messenger, Viber, Skype)! 

It can be developed by the bank itself , just in some hours, with minimal efforts and … free of charge (at least on Telegram !).

The service is a part of our “ChatBank” project. 

The “development” in fact require you register yours project on the site, and answer some simple “wizard’s” questions. 

Thats it!

After uploading the table with ATM and bank branches addresses you will be able immediately use the ATM and Bank Branch locator on Telegram messenger.

The advantage of this technology, the customer doesn’t need to download any application! The messenger on the smartphone is enough!

Beside the locators, the system allow to place in the chatbot also “Offers” and “Contacts”in simple  “tree” structure.

If you want to extend services to other messengers (FB, Viber, Skype), please contact us on [email protected] and we will discuss how to do this? 

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