The headline I have borrowed from a nice article by Suzanne Cluckey on*).

Despite the “cashless” trend in some of the developed countries, in many other countries, the volume of the cash in circulation is growing up.
Even if the usage of cash in is shrinking, surprise surprise, the cash management related expenses are growing up, as it is stated by McKinsey & Company(*).

The Company has also stated the cost of cash represent 5 to 10% of the bank’s overall operating cost (2). Therefore, if the cost of cash can be lowered even by 10 %, it can mean for the bank the ability to lower the operating cost up to 1%. For many banks, it could mean millions of dollars!
“McKinsey tells us that there are huge amounts of cash in the branch teller and ATM networks in excess of customer daily needs,”[…]. And they go further to say that most banks don’t even apply unearned interest or any kind of costs to this. So it’s invisible. It’s just cash that’s out in the network.”(*).

The systematic and efficient cash management is not an easy job, even for a small or middle-size bank.
Hundreds or even thousands of ATMs, cash deposit machines and payment kiosks, hundreds of branches with own vaults, cash that is temporarily stored at partners, agents and retailers premises, tenths of armored cars and hundreds of routes, all this requires systematic, efficient, optimized evaluation and management.
Many of cash management related process requires to be done not on the daily, week or monthly base, but even in real-time!

SPL GROUP is bringing to the market Multi-functional, Continuous Data-Driven Cash Management System “CashLab” (CL).

The system provides Real-time Analysis, Predicts Cash Demand, analyses of Usage and Optimize the cash management in the organization.
CL is targeted to automate cash management at the Branch, ATMs, ATS, Payment Kiosks, Vaults & Night-Safes levels.

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