The study of “Positive Technologies” has found out on average, one web application has 33 vulnerabilities, six of which have a high level of risk. The proportion of applications with critically dangerous security errors today is 67%. The number of critical vulnerabilities, which on average falls on one web application, has increased threefold compared to 2017.

Four out of every five web applications have configuration errors. In addition, 19% of web applications contain vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to gain control not only of the application but also of the server’s OS. If such a server is located in the network of the organization, an attacker could penetrate the company’s internal network. Personal data is stored and processed in almost every web application examined (91%). At the same time, cybercriminals can steal users’ personal information in 18% of web applications where data processing is carried out. (*)

This frightening statistic shall attract attention not only enterprises in the financial industry, but also all organizations using WEB application for presenting own business in the Net (try to find one without the presence!!!).

The exploring of potential vulnerabilities requires high competence in many areas of IT. The mentioned statistic clearly shows most organizations using web applications lack this kind of competence!
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