If you have no Anti-Skimming/Deep Insert Skimming protection plan in place, you have NO CHANCE to protect customers!

I 100% agree with the statement made by Corey Jay King from AGS company, commenting (1) the last skimming attack happened recently in  LAWRENCEVILLE, GA where over $60,000 have been stolen from over 100 banks customers due to the card skimming! (2)

The story just confirms the card skimming is not yet gone. It is still the important (and efficient !!!) type of card fraud, required active counteraction from ATMs owners site. 

We at SPL GROUP are offering very affordable and high-efficient anti-skimming technology.

Our solution successfully prevents any type of card skimming and provides anti-skimming device monitoring. 

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StopSkimmer ase5

to learn more about our anti-skimming devices and solutions.

We also offering complex ATMs security solution preventing the skimming, malware,  and black-box attacks – everything for unheard of low price! 

If you haven’t yet read about “Onion ATM security principle” or  ULTIMATE ATM SECURITY COMBO, please click on the link to learn more: Onion ATM security principle

Here you will find not only the solution description but also our promotion offer – hurry to use it! It will not last long!

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  1. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/

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