Am I exaggerating when I say that pretty much every Retailer is dreaming of the day when Cash Sales are as Simple and Secure as Card based Sales?

Time consuming and error prone activities like Counting Cash, Counterfeit Notes, Security, Shrinkage, Robbery, Storage, Hygiene, Bank Account Deposit and CIT related expenses are all too familiar challenges for the Point-of-Sale Retailer, handling Cash at the Point-of-Sale.
New Technology is making our lives easier and safer through the use of Connected Systems, and now Smart Systems can potentially eliminate these “Challenges” in the Point-of-Sale Retail environment.

I am certain that you, and your customers, will be as delighted as I am that we have taken these new technologies and evolved them into a series of truly cross-functional devices to address these challenges, that we call “SecureCash”.

SecureCash challenges the old fashioned roles, meaning that the Staff Member is only responsible for scanning/selection of purchased items, the Cash Payment Process (Cash Acceptance [Counting, Validating], Secure Storage and Change Payment) is Completely Automated for the Customer, using the SecureCash system.

Basically; No More Counting Cash, No More Cash Errors, No More Access to Insecure Cash Drawers and No More Change Discrepancies.

Perhaps you think this is nothing new? What sets the SecurCash series apart from other devices is their Integration, Scalability, Connectivity Options, Cost Effectiveness and Cost Competitive pricing.

If you would like more information, or are interested in becoming a Reseller please do not hesitate to visit our web site or contact us directly at [email protected]

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