The importance of “smart safes” and of “retail recyclers” to lower the cash management related expenses and to fight the cash shrinkage is very well described in the article of Jim Halpin from Compuflex Corporation. (1)

I cite it here slightly abridged:

Cash pickups, skims, or bleeds reduce shortages, protect against theft, and improve counting efficiency, but there are cost.

Just one pick up for ten cashiers daily cost $21,000.00 per year plus labor lost to coverage to handle the pickups, cash merges, deposit preparation, and time to reset start banks. 

Here are three smart ways to lower the cost of cash pickups plus start banks, and deposits.                                                      

1. Interface a small smart safe at POS to gain real-time cash control and visibility. Monitor cash in the smart safe, and cash drawer to reduce labor lost to counting

2. Interface a SMARTtill®, and smart safe at POS to improve cash drawer accountability. Track low-value cash in the cash drawer and high-value notes in the smart safe. Deposit cash online from the smart safe

3. Interface a small cash recycler with POS to completely automate cash transactions. Automate all cash functions including start bank, transactions, balance. Online deposit directly from the cash recycler

Our new device “Secure Cash Deposit” (SCD) unifies the functionality of both devices, Jim Halpin has mentioned in his article: the “small cash recycler with POS” and “smart safe” (for more detailed information about the device please follow the link).

The cash and coin recycler in CCD, integrated with POS, automates 100% of cash related payment process, accepting all notes and coins denominations and paying change in notes and coins.

The significant drawback of exciting retail recyclers (especially if compact models) is the relatively small amount of stored notes (usually 500-600 notes). This results in a pretty high number of CIT visits, which rise the related cash management costs.

Secure Cash Deposit is equipped with ATM grade safe, that stores cash and coins in special “secure” plastic bags, with 3000+ notes in the bag. 

The volume of storage and security level (we supply the device with UL or CENIII safes) lets retailers keep the cash in the device longer. 

This, in fact, meant one-two CIT visits a week for most convenience stores. 

SCD efficiency combines the functionality of retail recycler and smart safe in one! We consider it as the “natural” step in the development of “smart safes” technology. 


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